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Blue Line Flag Decision Reversal

In response to an overwhelming community outreach, the Board of Fire Commissioners in conjunction with the Chiefs Office has decided to reverse its decision to remove the Blue Line Flag from our Rescue Truck.

Newsday had contacted our organization regarding a complaint levied by a community member who felt the blue line flag on our apparatus was offensive. While the initial decision to remove this flag was a difficult one, it was done in the “interest of harmony" in order to err on the side of caution. But in response to receiving hundreds of comments from concerned residents who were offended by its removal we have determined the best course of action is to return the flag to our rescue truck.

The blue line flag was first placed on the departments rescue truck on December 20, 2014 to honor NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, who were both assassinated while on duty sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn. The Smithtown Fire Department wishes to honor the ultimate sacrifice these two officers made and express our support for our law enforcement partners. Today, we wish to note that our steadfast support of law enforcement has not changed and are proud we will continue to fly the blue line flag on our apparatus.

The flag will be reinstalled on its fire apparatus today and will be flown with pride, with its original intention and meaning in mind, where it will remain.

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