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  • 18 years of age or older

  • Good physical health

  • Sound mind and character

  • Caring and community minded

  • Team player

  • Enjoy a challenge

  • Like to learn and acquire new skills



  • College tuition reimbursement

  • Property tax reductions

  • State income tax benefits

  • Service pension

  • Free health checkups

  • Free gym membership

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  • Completion of in-house probationary fire school

  • Completion of Suffolk County Fire Academy Fire Academy Firefighter I program.

  • Completion of New York State Emergency Medical Technical Basic within 1 year from sworn in date.

  • Repond to a minimum of 8% of annual alarms.

  • Participate in a weekly squad night with the Ambulance company.

  • Attend weekly trainings and meetings of the company to which you are assigned.

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Interested in joining?  Want to learn more?  Contact our Membership Screening Committee today!

1. All applicants must have a New York State driver license.
2. Applicant will participate with a company for a minimum of three activities which must include one company meeting and two company activities before being considered for an application.
3. The applicant will register with the company Captain, and the company Captain will complete a registration form and hand the form into the membership screening committee.
4. Smithtown Fire Department has 3 new membership cycles per calendar year and each membership cycle last for 4 months from the time a new applicant picks up the application until the time the applicant is sworn into the department. The application cycle is from January- April, May – August, September – December.
5. New applications are given out the first Thursday of the month in January, May and September.
6. Upon the Membership Screening Committee notice, the applicant will appear before the Membership Screening Committee for an interview. At that time application packages will be given out. The completed application must be returned by mail no later then 14 days after the interview.
7. At the next meeting of the Membership Screening Committee, the application returned by mail will be processed and reviewed.
8. Once the Membership Screening Committee completes the background checks and accepts the new application, all applicants will be instructed to obtain a medical examination by the department doctor prior to being voted on by the department membership. The applicant will attend the Department meeting in February, June, October for introduction to the
9. The Department meetings in March, July, November, which the applicant doesn’t attend, the Membership Screening Committee makes it recommendation to the Department and then the Department members will vote on the applicants.
10. At the Department meetings in April, August, and December, all approved applicants will be sworn into the Department.
11. No applicant may be voted upon for membership if any part of the membership cycle is missed, unless excused by the Chief.

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