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We would like to thank all of our residents that have contributed in the past and we once again ask for your support so that we may continue our tireless efforts towards Fire Prevention and provide our community with the best possible Emergency Response. We are all asked to make donations to worthy organizations and causes and we ask that you place your local volunteer fire department on your list for a tax-deductible donation.


In 2019, the Smithtown Fire Department responded to 3,723 alarms, including 2,415 medical emergencies, making us one of the busiest fire departments in Suffolk County. Our volunteers put aside their personal business and responsibilities more than 10 times a day to answer a call for assistance.


As fellow residents of this great town, we understand the economic struggles families face, so any donation would be greatly appreciated, small or large. For less than 9 cents a day you can donate our suggested $30 a year. Please help our family help yours.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and donation.


The residents of Smithtown will receive mailings throughout the year with instructions on how to donate.  To view these mailings, see below.  You can also donate online using the button below.


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