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Working Fire on Cake Walk Terrace

On April 3 at 11:57 the Smithtown Fire Department was activated for a structure fire with smoke in the house on Cake Walk Terrace in Smithtown. Crews responded and found smoke and flames visible from the front of the house and reactivated the alarm as a working fire. Chiefs 4-2-31, 4-2-32, 4-2-33, Engines 4-2-1, 4-2-3 (acting 4-2-5), 4-2-4, Rescue 4-2-9A, and Fire Police 4-2-10 worked to extinguish the fire, search for victims, and secure the scene. Multiple EMS crews from Ambulances 4-2-6-2, 4-2-6-4 and 4-2-6-5 worked tirelessly to assist with rehab and treating minor injuries of firefighters on scene. Several neighboring departments were mutual aided to the scene as well as to Smithtown’s headquarters to cover several additional alarms within the district during the working fire. Units operated for approximately 3 hours under the command of 1st Assistant Chief Dongvort.

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