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A Message to Smithtown Residents on COVID-19

Dear residents of the Smithtown Fire District,

It has come to my attention that there is a rumor circulating on some social media pages in our community that the Smithtown Fire Department is closing as a result of the current COVID 19 issue. Let me assure you that this rumor is totally baseless.

The Smithtown Fire Department has proudly served the residents of our town faithfully since 1908 through natural disasters, wars and other temporary crises and will continue to serve you through this one.

Your fire department operates neither through rumor nor conjecture. We operate on information and fact. I can assure you the Chiefs of your department are interacting with all appropriate federal, state and local agencies daily  to formulate plans to combat this threat to our community.

It is true that I have given instructions to limit access to our stations for outside tours and other events, as recommended by the President, Governor, County Executive and Township Supervisor regarding public assemblies. This is for the protection of our first responders and for you. We are your first line of defense during this crisis.

This event is an ever changing threat. New information is received almost daily. As such, our response plan is revised and updated as we receive new information to best serve and protect our community.

To help you combat this threat in your home or business, the Smithtown Fire Department will post on our website and social media page the most current, verified, links to pages where you can be better informed with information to protect your families or clients. I invite you to visit our website at or our Facebook page at Smithtown Fire Department Public Information.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am positive that if we all keep our heads and utilize the guidance that is given to us by our leaders, we will survive this crisis with as minimal long term effect as possible. Please join me and the members of the Smithtown Fire Department in doing just that.

The safety and health of our residents is our first priority, please be safe and wash your hands.

Kevin J Fitzpatrick



To view or download this letter as a PDF, click here.

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