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Sensory Kits Added to First Responder Vehicles & Ambulances

The Smithtown Fire Department has recently added sensory kits to their ambulances and first responder vehicle. Any call for an EMS or fire emergency is a stressful one especially when a person calls 911 requesting help with an autistic individual, the stress levels are higher than normal. First Responders know it is important to remember that their presence may be overwhelming to an autistic individual and that individual may not respond in a typical manner. Many people afflicted with Autism, ADHD and other sensory issues sometimes use sensory items to help keep them calm. Adding these kits gives our EMT’s, Paramedics and Firefighters another tool to be able to better assist these patients. These kits include items such as noise reducing earmuffs, a dry erase board with markers, stress balls, fidget spinners, and other fidget toys.

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