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New Special Rescue Operations Vehicle Added to Smithtown FD Fleet

On February 1, 2020 the Smithtown FD put into service the newest addition to the fleet. Designated unit number 4-2-19, this Ford F550 chassis with Maintainer Custom Bodies box will be used for Special Rescue Operations, primarily Water & Ice Rescues, and act as a supplement to Rescue Co. 9’s frontline Heavy Rescue apparatus. The vehicle contains a 13.5-foot Avon Web Inflatable Boat, whose small packaged style allows it to be carried to difficult to reach areas and then inflated and deployed within 60 seconds. The boat pairs with a Honda 15Hp 4 Stroke Motor, stored on this new vehicle, which has a unique lift system to ensure safe storage and rapid deployment for alarms. The 4 Wheel Drive vehicle contains Fire Research SPA530-R14 Telescoping Lights and a 1200 lb. winch, to allow for operations within Caleb Smith State Park, Blydenburgh County Park and the various other wooded areas of the fire district. As the Smithtown Fire Department continues to respond to an array of calls for assistance, the addition of 4-2-19 will allow a more seamless response to those alarms. Chief of Department Kevin Fitzpatrick stated, “with an increasing number of alarms relating to water emergencies, this vehicle better equips our response to these types of alarms.”

The Following Additional Equipment Will Be Housed on the Vehicle:

  • Mustang Ice & Water Rescue Suits

  • Mark 7 Ice Rescue Sled

  • Rope Reel for Tag Lines

  • Ice Rescue Sling

  • Assorted Cribbing & Shoring Equipment

  • (3) Scott 4500 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • Forcible Entry Equipment

  • Portable Ventilation Fan

A ceremony was held at Smithtown Fire Department’s Main House where Fire District Commissioner Michael Felice, who spearheaded the project from the Board of Fire Commissioners, and Commissioner Michael McMahon handed the keys to Chief of Department Kevin J. Fitzpatrick. On hand were also, Rescue Co. 9 Captain Matthew Creamer, Rescue Co. 9 Lieutenant Matthew Raia and Truck Committee member Captain Michael Clarke. Commissioner Felice stated, “It’s important for the residents of the district to know we are providing the latest equipment for the department to respond to their calls for assistance.”

Gallery collage shown below. To view images larger with the ability to download, please click here to view the full gallery.

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