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Lt. Percy Forman named 2022 Memorial Day Grand Marshal

Smithtown, NY - During World War II, 58 members of the Smithtown Fire Department were a part of the armed forces defending our nation; all returned home safely save Lt. Percy Forman. This year, on the first occasion of the Smithtown Fire Department’s hosting of the annual Memorial Day Parade, Chief ofDepartment Patrick Diecidue announces that Lt. Percy Forman will be honored as the 2022 GrandMarshal of the parade. His memory will be observed by our antique fire engine leading the parade, with fire gear placed aboard to represent his presence. Former Chief Matthew B. Kondenar Jr. will drive the vehicle behind a banner displaying Lt. Forman’s name.

Lt. Percy Forman was a part of the United States Army Air Force, as a member of the 315 th Squadron of the 324 th Fighter Group. He was killed in action, in the skies over Blickweiler, Germany on March11,1945 defending our nation. A loyal member of Engine Co. 2, Lt. Percy Forman has been memorialized in several ways throughout our town. Percy Street off Lawrence Ave, behind the Smithtown Theater, is named in his honor and bears a plaque in remembrance of his actions. In the halls of our firehouse, an honor roll is placed with the names of all 58 men who served, with a Gold Star placed next to Lt. PercyForman’s to represent his sacrifice for our nation. To this day, the members of the Smithtown FireDepartment gather in front of our firehouse to lay a wreath for our fallen members, a tradition which began after Lt. Percy Forman did not return home.

And this year, for the 77th consecutive year, a wreath will be placed on our memorial in remembrance ofLt. Percy Forman’s sacrifice, but for the first time since his passing, the members of the Smithtown FireDepartment will march along with him down the streets of his hometown.

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